The co-creation space
where communities make it happen for each other.


Join a space that connects creatives with each other
and their local communities.

Dynamic spaces. From open workspaces and dedicated studios, to event and communal areas, ALLinONE centers are designed to support all sorts of creative disciplines and activities.

More than co-working. We build co-creative ecosystems where members make it happen for each other: teaching new skills, sharing resources, hosting events, and showing up ready to participate.

Neighborhood strong. By preserving beloved community properties, we stand as an alternative to new development and cycles of displacement. Join us in keeping your community’s unique culture and spirit everlasting.

Architecting a new creative coalition.

A microcosm of your neighborhood. Our spaces require majority representation by local community members in your zip code.

Resource-sharing. Membership means a commitment to sharing—whether it’s a skill, a connection, supplies, or something else.

Accessible to one and all. Our sliding scale membership fees make it possible for everyone to participate.

Curated events and workshops. We hold space to bond as a community, make friends, and build connections.

State-of-the-art equipment and programming. Resource yourself intellectually, spiritually, and professionally.

Something different. A rooftop greenhouse. A dine-in food panty. Each space is uniquely formed and shaped by its community.

Brick by Brick,
Voice by Voice

The Church Project’s evolution and your role in it.

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Spark connections, ignite change,
and make your impact.